One of the highest risks to life is the enclosed entry which requires careful assessment, monitoring and control. Fire Aid has fully trained personnel to help in all aspects of enclosed space management during the dry dock.

From advice and training to full enclosed space control and management, Fire Aid can provide whatever is required to reduce the risks and safely control the environment.

Our Supervisors are all professionally trained to the highest standards, as well as trained tank watchers and rescue teams to cover all aspects of enclosed space entries.

By utilising our innovative computer based permit management system, Fire Aid can closely monitor all enclosed spaces to ensure the safety of everyone entering the space and ensuring the vessel knows when spaces can be closed up at the end of the dry dock.

Our Services include:

  • Computer based permit issue
  • Personnel competence checks
  • Gas free monitoring
  • Supply personal protective equipment
  • Professional tank watchers
  • Rescue plans and rescue teams
  • Ventilation
  • Auditing and monitoring
  • Personnel training

By utilising Fire Aid to control and monitor the high risk activity, you can be assured the space and all personnel will be safe, and the risks reduced as far as practicable.

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