Hot work is probably the highest risk activity during the dry dock period, with the vast number of hot work activities taking place over the dry dock period, this is likely to be the one area that presents the biggest risk to the crew, contractors and vessel during the dry dock period.

Fire Aid can provide sufficient personnel to undertake the task of fire-watcher professionally and competently.





The Fire Watch personnel will be dedicated to this task, strictly monitored and audited by our Supervisory Team throughout the dry dock period and will ensure that the hot work activities are closely monitored by a trained watcher who will be equipped correctly to rapidly deal with any issue before it becomes a problem.

Our professionally trained team will ensure hot work is closely monitored and controlled offering:

  • Professionally trained personnel
  • English speaking team
  • Fully equipped Fire Watchers

Our Supervisors risk assess, monitor and audit all hot works throughout the vessel and ensure the highest standards are maintained for the duration of the dry dock.

  • Highly skilled supervisors
  • Computer monitoring system
  • Thermal imaging equipment
  • Safety rounds and audit process
  • Incident reporting

This ensures that the high risk activity of hot work is being watched by a well-trained member of our team to ensure the hot work is professionally controlled at all times and after completion.

Fire Aid’s Fire Watch personnel are clearly visible with red overalls, high visibility jackets and are fully equipped with fire watch protective equipment including personal protective equipment, safety boots, hard hats, masks, safety glasses, fire extinguishers, fire blankets, mist spray bottles for damping down, and an equipment carry bag, so they are ready to go, fully equipped, clearly identifiable and a professional team.

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