Fire Aid are experts in all aspects of maritime emergency preparedness, inspections, training, auditing and preparation. Our Business has been built by working in partnership with our clients and integrating alongside their existing business operations. Emergency preparedness is vital in the modern marine industry to preserve life, limit damage and reduce losses.

Fire Aid has the necessary experience in helping multi-national crews meet and surpass the mandatory SOLAS requirements for vessels, and provides cost effective and bespoke training on-board any vessel in port or at sea, anywhere in the world.

Port State Control

The main objective of Port State Control is to establish a global safety net to identify and eliminate substandard vessels.
Port State Control Inspections are increasing year on year and with growing emphasis on the safety of crews, vessels and environmental surroundings, these inspections are often very thorough.

Fire Aid will ensure your vessel and crew are ready and correctly prepared for Port State Control Inspection.
The majority of PSC deficiencies are found within the areas of safety, pollution equipment and machinery.
Fire Aid Port State Control Inspection Preparation will include an in-depth check and audit in the following subjects:

  • Fire Safety Measures
  • Safety of navigation
  • Life Saving Appliances
  • Load Line Fittings
  • Pollution Prevention Equipment
  • Propulsion and Auxiliaries

Drills will also form part of the PSC preparation to ensure the crew can competently carry out various drills on board to a suitable standard.
No vessel is free from being inspected by PSC and no vessel can escape the PSC safety net. That is why utilising Fire Aid PSC Inspection Preparation services will help prevent possible problems or costly detentions and delays.


Of all the disasters that can happen to a vessel, fire must be one of the most devastating. Fires on board are extremely dangerous, very destructive and costly.

The action and ability of the crew is paramount to the success of advertising disaster. Fire Aid’s expert instructors have years of knowledge in dealing with vessel fires and their experience would be hard to surpass anywhere in the world.

An initial assessment to focus on the key areas including:

  • A full inspection of the emergency preparedness
  • Command & Control, compliance, performance and decision making
  • Crew evaluation through emergency drill simulation
  • Emergency crew list team organization
  • Locating a fire and communication procedures
  • Classes of fire and containment techniques
  • Specific marine firefighting protocols
  • Use of the ship’s fire prevention equipment
  • Communications, alarms and GMDSS
  • Passenger organisation and mustering

Maximising the crew’s effectiveness in identifying an emergency situation and following the appropriate course of action with simulated emergency scenarios including:

  • Tactical instruction in BA
  • Support instruction including hose handling, boundary cooling and hydrants
  • Instruction in first aid application and casualty handling
  • Correct use of the fire pumps and emergency back up equipment
  • Ship board damage control
  • Use of the ship’s fire plan
  • Pre-fire planning & investigation
  • Operation of GMDSS and emergency distress communications
  • Release of the vessel’s fixed fire suppression system including Co2 and Foam
  • Public safety including course diversion
  • Stability including dewatering, ballasting and cargo
  • Contingency planning
  • Passenger safety and evacuation

The officers’ and crews’ confidence will grow with each drill, dramatically increasing the chances of a successful outcome in a fire and preventing the risks of port state detentions through lack of knowledge.

Emergency Preparedness Command & Control Training

Fire Aid can provide a range of On Board Emergency Preparedness training and Port State Control Inspection Preparation to suit the individual requirements for your vessel and crew.


Emergency Preparedness training includes:

  • Fire Fighting
  • Abandon Ship
  • Pollution Control
  • Ship Security (ISPS)
  • Command & Control
  • Collisions
  • Grounding

Safety Systems and solutions


Bespoke training

Our expert instructors will assess the individual needs of your vessel and crew to design a bespoke training program.

On Board
Our instructors will carry out training on board your vessel working with the crew in their environment to deliver the highest standards and most realistic training results possible.

Cost Saving
As the training can be taken to your vessel this will dramatically reduce the cost of getting the crew trained at an outside training facility.

Prevention is Better than Cure

Why risk the safety of the crew and vessel or the costly expense of a possible port detention?

Contact Fire Aid to discuss your company’s individual training requirements and have piece of mind knowing that we have taken care of your emergency preparedness.

First Aid Training

Injuries and illness on board can often occur and when the crew are hundreds of miles from professional medical assistance. Therefore the abilities of the first aid team on board is essential to stabilize the condition of the casualty and prevent it worsening.

In a emergency it is too late to learn the necessary skills. Fire Aid Training Ltd instructors will enable participants to confidently manage emergency situations, providing care for the ill or injured until professional medical aid arrives.


We will assess the individual need and knowledge of the first-aid personnel and give further comprehensive instruction as required. This may include the following areas:

  • Comprehensive First-Aid Instruction
  • Acting safely, promptly and effectively in an emergency
  • Practical scenarios and exercises
  • Trauma care
  • Medivac
  • Maintaining the medical locker and supplies

Practical training and drills are the key to testing the crew’s knowledge and understanding. Our instructors will set up various medical emergency scenarios for the first-aid personnel to deal with and test their abilities under pressure.

Abandon Ship Training

The crew’s knowledge and ability to quickly and efficiently abandon ship if necessary is critical to the safety of any passengers and crew on board.

Abandon ship procedures are often found be a major weakness of crews and could result in disaster.

In light of recent disasters, Abandon Ship procedures are being heavily scrutinized and tested by administrations and port state control throughout the world.


Fire Aid’s instructors will assess the existing ship arrangements and associated equipment including;

  • Life Saving Appliances
  • Lifeboats / rescue boats
  • Passenger & crew Mustering
  • Release mechanisms
  • Lifebuoys
  • Inflatable life-rafts
  • Life Jackets
  • Passenger Management
  • Cabin Clearance & Area Sweeps
  • Signaling equipment

The crew will receive comprehensive training in the use of the life saving appliances, mustering procedures for both passengers and crew, launching arrangements and methods for relevant type of lifeboats and life-rafts on board to ensure everyone can be quickly, safety and effectively evaluated from the vessel.

Enclosed Space Entry

Every vessel has enclosed spaces which often will not contain enough to support life, yet crews underestimate the dangers from entering and enclosed space without carrying out the correct entry procedures and checks.

Fire Aid can audit the existing Enclosed Space Entry procedures, Policies, Enclosed Spaces and Permit Systems to ensure they are suitable and sufficient.

We can then carry out comprehensive crew training and certification to ensure they are adequately trained and supervised while making an enclosed space entry.

With the correct procedures, permits and training, Fire Aid can virtually eliminate any risk of danger to the crew when making an Enclosed Space Entry.

  • Enclosed Space Entry Training
  • Enclosed Space Identification
  • Policy Documentation and Implementation
  • Permit Systems
  • Gas monitoring equipment testing and training
  • Line access and harness usage
  • Auditing
  • Rescue Training

Pollution Prevention

Pollution of coastal or international waters can be both morally and financially damaging to shipping companies and therefore compliance with the MARPOL regulations is essential to help avoid any accidental pollution.


Environmental damage is being controlled by conventions and local laws. Ships and shipping are playing and active part reducing pollution and the results of pollution. These include International conventions:

  • Oil Pollution – fuel/cargo
  • Oily Water Separators, operation, alarms, crew knowledge and training
  • Noxious liquid substances, chemicals, Liquid Natural Gas (LNG), Liquid Petroleum Gas (LGP)
  • Containers/Packages
  • Gas
  • Garbage
  • Sewage
  • Air
  • Oil record Book
  • Water Ballast Convention
  • Ship Recycling

Other legislation that has an effect on pollution include:

  • Load Line
  • Intervetion Convention
  • STCW
  • Collision Regulations
  • ISM Code

Fire Aid will ensure the knowledge and implementation of these legal requirements are sufficient by auditing, training, supervision and exercises.

Ship Security Services & ISPS

Global terrorism and security threats are now recognized as major problem to the International shipping industry.

Fire Aid’s security services can provide a range of services to ensure the safety of the crew and vessel whether in port or at sea.

  • ISPS auditing
  • Ship Security assessment
  • Security training, drills and exercise
  • BMP4 Implementation and training


Piracy poses a significant risk to the crew and vessel in various worldwide locations, but this risk can be dramatically reduced with the assistance from Fire Aid’s Security Partners.

  • Anti-Piracy protection
  • Provision of onboard security personnel
  • Vessel hardening
  • Onboard crew training and drills
  • Armed and unarmed protection services

We can also provide a range of security training courses at our worldwide training centres including:

  • Approved SSO Training
  • Approved CSO Training
  • FPOS Training
  • MSO Training
  • DSD Training
  • ISPS Awareness Training
  • Close Protection Training

ISM Internal Audits

This International Management Code for Safe Operation of Ships and for Pollution Prevention (ISM Code) is a fundamental aspect of modern ship operations. To ensure the effective management of the Safety Management System (SMS) it is important that it is efficiently audited internally.

Fire Aid can provide qualified internal auditors to carry out an audit of the company and vessel’s ISM Code requirements.

  • Qualified ISM Internal auditors
  • On board auditing
  • Unbiased approach to ensure ISM complied with
  • Emergency Preparedness


If your company is looking for ships to charter and you are not sure about the reliability and robustness of their management system; do you toss a coin to decide how to proceed, or do you hire an unbiased Lead Auditor to provide the answer?

The training of a Lead Auditor for external audits can be a costly business for a company, with little return. Fire Aid can provide experienced maritime Lead Auditors to undertake audits that are beyond the scope of the company’s internal auditors. Qualified in ISM, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 our Lead Auditors can provide and extensive range of potential auditing, clear and coincise reports and one-to-one analysis. In addition they can review your management system and provide more understandable manuals.

We can also provide ISPS audits to ensure the correct implementation of the Ship’s Security Plan. With the growing threat of worldwide security risks and terrorism it is essential the crew know the correct actions and security precautions.

  • Vessel access for crew, visitors and port personnel
  • Ship Security Plans
  • Baggage Searching
  • Vessel Security Levels
  • Safety while managing security
  • Vessel searches

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