­Fire Aid is renown as a leading provider of safety and fire safety to the maritime sector, however there are many other industry sectors which benefit from the STCW training offered by Fire Aid Academy.

Adam West, a Geotechnical Engineer at Fugro GeoServices, who operates out of his Wallingford base, recently attended Fire Aid’s STCW BST course.

Fugro GeoServices provides the people, equipment, expertise and technology to support the exploration, development, production and transportation of the world’s natural resources, which enables a business’ structures and infrastructures to operate in a safe, reliable and efficient manner.

Holding a Masters Graduate in Geology from the University of Southampton, Adam comments, “I work on the land side [at Fugro], operating with near-shore work, with Jack-Up (barges) and things like that.” Adam’s role covers a wide range of onsite operations and assisting in office reporting: including soil and rock logging, and preparing geotechnical AGS data to be presented to clients. Talking of his in-pool sea survival training Adam stated, “Today was interesting to say the least, and hopefully it will help out when it actually matters.”

Fire Aid’s Personal [Sea] Survival Course includes both the theory and a practical pool session where students will cover the correct donning of a life jacket & use of an immersion suit jump from height into the water, swim while wearing a life jacket, right an inverted life raft, keep afloat without a life jacket and board a survival craft from the water when wearing a life jacket.

He continues, “The team [at Fire Aid] are all very helpful, enthusiastic and got their points across very clearly – it was enjoyable!”

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